Research & Development

Innovation driven productivity focused on quality

We at Prestige Rubbers Pvt (Ltd) believe that Research and Development is a valuable area for us in growing and improving our business. It will uplift us to offer more competitive advantages to our customers.

These may be in terms of new products, improved processes and new ways to interact with our customers. Our R&D strategies lead to innovation and increase the productivity to enhance the competitive advantage.


We believe that quality & excellence direct to fulfill customer requirements within business expectations and move the company successfully into the future by ensuring all key drivers of the company.

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    Raw material

    We take strict measures to control incoming raw material by drawing samples from critical steps to ensure the required quality of our products.

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    The entire process is monitored throughout the important stages of production process to ensure high quality uniform products to our valued customer.

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    According to the customer requirement we provide metal, plastic & wooden base pallets for packaging. Our Wooden pallets are conformed to ISPM 15 regulations.

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    Certificate of analysis

    Each consignment leaves our premises with a Certificate of Analysis which is testament to the value we place in providing high quality rubbers. A counter sample will be drawn under ISO1658:2015 (No.3 – sampling & further preparative procedure) of each consignment is stored for a period as per customer’s requirement.

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    All our tests are in line with ISO standards

    Maintenance & regular services of machinery and equipment are carried out at fixed intervals securing smooth functioning in the manufacturing process.


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